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A Young Fangirl’s Review of A Young Doctor’s Notebook

The cast of Sky Art’s new comedy drama, A Young Doctor’s Notebook

The cast of Sky Art’s new comedy drama, A Young Doctor’s Notebook

I’ve just finished watching episode 1 of A Young Doctor’s Notebook and I honestly don’t know what to say… EXCEPT THAT DANIEL RADCLIFFE IS BRILLIANT IN IT!!! (Uh-oh, fangirl alert!)

But before that, a bit of a background: A Young Doctor’s Notebook is based on a collection of notes written in 1916-1918 by Russian writer and doctor, Mikhail Bulgakov, about his own experience as a country doctor. He was supposed to publish a book of this collection, but he unfortunately died before he could do so. The awesome thing is that Sky Arts 1 picked it up recently and turned it into a mini-series featuring my love Daniel Radcliffe and Mad Men‘s Jon Hamm.

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ITALIAN CINEMA NOW: Romanzo Di Una Strage


Today, T and I watched the Italian film Romanzo di una strage by Marco Tullio Giordana. It’s a period film set in 1969 Milan, and is loosely based on the book The Secret of Piazza Fontana.

The plot is basically this: the National Bank of Agriculture in Piazza Fontana is bombed, resulting to more than a dozen casualties. The authorities assume that it is the work of anarchists, but they find out a few subplots later, that the anarchists were actually framed and that the problem, as well as the people who were truly behind it, was so much bigger than all of them. “Do you think justice is just?” asked the wife of Pinelli. The movie answers with a resounding NO, as many innocent people are seen killed, while the guilty are absolved.

A lot of thoughts swam in my head while I was watching that movie. (I know, I can’t believe I’m reacting to a political movie either, but it left me with so many feels!)

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