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Art 2 Art, The A-Team, and everything in between!

Sunday is art day, methinks!

Art 2 Art by Lisa Macuja

I’ve been wanting to blog about this for quite a while now. A few Sundays ago, while in the car, my dad tuned in to DZRH 666 (ooh) on AM. I wasn’t really paying attention to what we were listening to, just that I knew it was a talk show on AM radio. But then I heard keywords like “art” and “classical music” and I suddenly perked up. The lady host at that time was interviewing a man who played the piano and made soundtracks for something. She then asked if the man ever taught his son how to play the piano and the man replied saying that his son wanted to learn the piano, as long as it wasn’t under his tutelage. The woman then shared that that was also the case with her daughter wanting to learn ballet as long as it was not under her. This made me think, “WAIT, WHAT? WHO IS THIS LADY?”

It was Lisa Macuja.

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We support The A Team!

The A Team

The dance community better watch out for this new group. Barely even a year together and already this team is making a name for themselves. Headed by the Arda siblings, MJ and Lyka, the A Team is composed of some of the best dancers I’ve seen in this generation.

As I’m writing this, they’re probably getting ready for their flight to Singapore where they’ll be competing in Vol.3 of Singapore Dance Delight. Last night, they gave friends, family, and supporters a sneak peak of their routine. It was fresh, strong, and entertaining. I’m really hoping they move on to the finals!

Show your support as well and buy an A Team tank top made by That’s Phresh! I know I’m getting one.

That's Phresh

You could choose to fill up the order form here or leave a comment and I’ll forward it to an A Team member. Make sure to give your name and contact details along with your order. (Ex. 1 M white on black, 2 S black on gray)

Follow them on Twitter or like their Facebook page!
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Watch Cascade!

Greetings, readers!

Thank you for all the hits we’ve received for my Danz Dish 7 article. I always make it a point to watch the annual dance concerts of the big three universities but unfortunately I won’t be able to watch AdMU’s concert this year. I don’t really want you to miss out on anything so I thought I’d repost their invite from Facebook and invite you all to watch!

Join CADs and let the music flow through you as stories unwind in this one-night only concert. Steep yourselves in a Cascade of emotions as we remind you that the very essence of being human is to feel.

The Company of Ateneo Dancers presents: CASCADE

Photo by Ionne Ocampo || Poster by Zell Tendencia

March 2, 2012 (Friday)
7pm; doors open at 6PM
Henry Lee Irwin Theatre

Tickets will be pre-sold at P180 in the Doghouse starting on Feb 27 (Monday)
Door price is P200

For any inquiries, please contact JC Genato (0917.891.1091)

This event is presented to you by Analog Soul, Schu, The Body Shop, Smart Communications and Mellow 94.7, in cooperation with PLDT, Coffee Twist, Tortillos and IMI, with media partners: Dance Pinoy and Click The City. Also brought to you by Bayo and special thanks to Dunkin Donuts, That’s D Pointe Shop, BiblioTech, and Perfetti Van Melle.

LSDC-Street presents Danz Dish 7


Held last February 2 and 3, 2012 at the Teresa Yuchengco Auditorium in DLSU-Manila, LSDC-Street bared their hearts and souls to the audience with Danz Dish 7.

St. Paul’s Terpsichore, the reigning Skechers Streetdance Champion in the high school division, had opened for the concert on the first day while I had the privilege of performing again with Skittlez Crew, the reigning Remix Champion, as part of the front act the next day. The stage set up was quite different this year, bringing the stage closer to the audience by extending the stage over the orchestra pit to give them an in-your-face kind of performance.

As the curtains opened to reveal three LED screens, JJ and Mike enter reprising their roles from last year’s Danz Dish as two mimes who just can’t seem to get enough of the attention they get from the audience.

JJ and Mike

Despite being scattered all over the world, alumni members currently living in Saudi Arabia, Canada, Japan, and Singapore, were also able to make their presence felt by a video counting down to the start of an amazing show.

As the lights dimmed down, we were introduced to three ladies (AC, Steffi, Elaine) — who I’m guessing represented Faith, Zeal, and Communion. These were the principles of Lasallian Formation, showing that the concert was still in line with the Centennial celebration of DLSU.

An explosion of lights give way to a glitzy and glamorous opening choreographed by Mycs Villoso, LSDC-Street’s previous coach who came back from Singapore to help direct the concert. LSDC-Street not only produces dancers, they produce performers and entertainers. The audience was treated to a night at the circus with jugglers, jesters, acrobats, drummers and showgirls. They went all out (and to think it was only the opening act)!

FAITH. Act 1,  handled by Peter Alcedo, delved deep into the lives of some of the members of LSDC-Street and we got to know them on a more personal level. We are introduced to Ella, Ikat, Kevin and Martin, who share with us their personal struggles. Admitting your failures and weaknesses isn’t easy, and for them to step up and share it with the whole audience took a lot of heart.

Unjointed. Ella’s struggle with her injury was presented by a performance with LSDC-Contemporary. A vision of yellow, her knee was wrapped in red to show where she had torn her ACL a few years back.

Ella's testimony

Unyou. Ikat’s struggle was more on her worth as a member of LSDC-Street. Presented with a Western feel, she showed that no matter how much she tried, she never knew if what she does will ever be enough.

Unknown. Kevin is an alumnus of LSDC-Street and has taken the responsibility of becoming the new coach. It’s not surprising that his struggle would be about his fear of not being capable of leading the group.

Undo. Martin struggled with past mistakes. There came a time when he had to take a leave of absence from the group just so he could make up for his failures. I very much enjoyed how his struggle was presented. It reminded me of the LXD because of them dancing in suits.

Martin's testimony

All these struggles were overcome though as God entered into their lives and began changing them. Having Kris Legarde come back to play the role of God was perfect. He towered over everyone and had the strong features that made it easy for us to believe that he did have the power to change them. And with that, their message became clear. With God we become whole, we find our worth, we become known and our past is forgiven. This happens because of our faith. It’s more than believing, it gives us freedom. We are not told to simply believe, we are told to have faith. And with that, their struggles become testimonies of God’s amazing grace and power.

Zeal. Act 2, handled by Kevin Intal, is also known as the Compet Suite. Quite fitting as zeal is defined as “great energy or enthusiasm in pursuit of a cause or an objective”. What a year it has been for LSDC-Street as they have won in EVERY competition they entered.


It starts off with Gino, Jap, Jero, JJ and Kevin, the dance masters of LSDC-Street in their respective years. More members entered and the first piece to be presented was from the UAAP Street Dance Competition, a high energy routine that had members represent different schools competing in the UAAP. This transitioned to the Maximum Groovity Competition, an all boys routine that was powerful and entertaining. Not to be outdone, the ladies enter with their sassy and fierce routine from the Lactacyd Confidance Competition. Giving the current members a break, alumni group iM*puLSe shows us that just because they’ve graduated from college, doesn’t mean they’ve graduated from dancing. Finally, everyone returns to wrap up with the piece from the Skechers Streetdance Battle.

During the previous years, they would have the Compet Suite at the end of the concert and most of the time the dancers were already tired from dancing the whole night. Having it as part of the middle act this year, after such an emotional first act, they definitely didn’t hold back on the energy and stunts. It was mind-blowing. At this point, I would like to apologize to the people taking a video near me for my incessant cheering.

Communion. Act 3, handled by Gino Ong, brings us the return of the two mimes as we travel back in time with them through the history of DLSU. First off, was the meeting with St. John Baptist De La Salle and the founding of the school.

I bet St. La Salle would be smiling too if he met these two.

We are then brought to World War II, the war between the Japanese and Americans, represented by Voguers and Krumpers respectively. Wonderful interpretation, by the way! You could only imagine how difficult it must have been to have quality education during these times.

Vogue vs Krump

Moving forward a little bit to a happier time, the boys gave us an overview of what it was like to study in DLSU back then. The retro vibe definitely got us thinking old school while the boys performed their moves to songs such as Moves Like Jagger. Eventually, DLSU opened its doors to women and what better song to dance to than anthem of women empowerment, Run the World.

Moves Like Jagger

Who run the world? Girls!

Acknowledging the rivalry developed with a certain school, we are treated to a little game of Hit that Bird, a play on the popular Angry Birds game by having the little green pigs seek revenge on the blue bird running around on stage. There was audience participation as the two mimes looked for volunteers to play the game with them.

Hit that bird!

For the conclusion of act 3, dancers then return on stage to deliver a fun and light performance. I guess this presents to us the Lasallian community as it is today, a group of colorful individuals sharing in one vision, one spirit and one mission.

To wrap up the concert, the dancers were able to dress up and walk the runway as they were individually introduced to the audience. After seeing them work up a sweat to give us a good show, it was nice to see them looking fresh, beautiful and handsome during the curtain call.

The concert was spectacular,  my only regret was that I didn’t get to watch it twice as my friend got goosebumps in watching both shows. It actually took me days before I got to write this because finding the right words to describe everything proved to be a challenge. It wasn’t just a concert, it was an experience. Looking forward to Danz Dish 8 already!

And with that I say congratulations to everybody in LSDC-Street and everybody else involved in this production for a job well done! Words are not enough to give your concert justice but I tried my best. And oh yes, I understand that today is also the day that the founding group of LSDC-Street (Bootes) was formed. So happy birthday (or anniversary) to you as well! Animo!

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