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Clara C’s Search is Over with ‘Fish’ MV


The ever-so-sweet and talented Clara C finally released her music video for her new song Fish (the nearest and dearest song to her heart) featuring Glee star Harry Shum, Jr. Just like her previous music videosFish‘s storytelling is flawless.

Fish is a song about finding your true love, of ending your “search”. It’s about getting married tomorrow because you just can’t stop trembling. It’s about your fiction finally turning into a reality. It’s about finding your “fish” in this big sea. Well, might as well include this song in your wedding song list, then!

Fish is included in Clara C’s second album slated for a September release this year.

So guys, have you found your FISH?


Clara C Releases MV Teaser for ‘Fish’


YouTube sweetheart Clara C unveils new music video teaser for the new single, Fish, from her sophomore album featuring Glee star, Harry Shum, Jr.

I love ‘Fish’. Perhaps, this is my favorite Clara C song so far. I first heard the song live during her show here in Manila last December 1, 2011 at the Music Museum and I got totally hooked! To listen to the song and how it came to be, watch the clip below (Big thanks to eibrum!):

‘Fish’ will be out on iTunes this coming June 25th!

Of Sing-A-Thons & Concerts

This has been going around on Facebook lately and I finally found the time to click on it. My first thought when I read the fine print was, “WHOA, SING FOR 12 WHOLE HOURS? CRAZY!” But then I realized, well, you’re in a group, so I guess you only have at least 1.5 hours (or less) mic time in total. So that’s just around 15 songs or something? Not bad.

I personally don’t think I’m capable of doing that, though; I’m not a big fan of karaoke. Plus I get bored easily, LOL. (But that’s just like, what? 1% of the Philippine population?) This seems fun, though, especially since you have the chance of winning 20,000 pesos. Hurhurhur.

Do any of you plan on entering? You can check out Bactidol’s Facebook fan page for more details.


On to the concert part of this entry!

The Lasallian Youth Orchestra will be having their annual major concert this coming March 24, 2012 at the Teresa Yuchengco Auditorium. This year’s concert marks Maestro Eliezer San Felipe‘s last concert as LYO’s resident conductor, after 27 whole years of service to the school. Special guests for this show are the DLSU Pops Orchestra Alumni, homegrown Pops talents like Princess and AJKA, the De La Salle University Chorale, La Salle Dance Company – Contemporary, and Bagyo Berde winners Lions and Acrobats.

With this superb lineup, it’s an event you surely wouldn’t want to miss! For tickets, please call or text 09275794847. You may also click here for more details. WE HOPE TO SEE YOU AT THE CONCERT! 🙂

California Dreams

California Dreams, Katy Perry’s second world tour in support of her third album Teenage Dream, finally concluded with a performance in Manila at the Mall of Asia Concert Grounds. A friend of mine was contacted by Philippine Airlines to give away twenty tickets in promotion of their Y Flyer program and I managed to score two silver tickets to the concert by joining her Twitter contest.

It was my first time to watch at the Concert Grounds and when I learned that it was an open area I prayed so hard that it wouldn’t rain. I arrived at around 6pm with my friend, Edd. Already, we could see girls dressed up as Katy Perry bringing signboards. The concert was supposed to start at 8pm BUT we had to wait for two more hours before it actually started. Katy Perry apologized during the concert and mentioned something about security issues but I’m not entirely sure of the specifics.

DJ Skeet Skeet was the opening act to the concert. He treated us to some songs to party to while waiting until finally, at around 10pm, the show started!

A video was played showing Katy Perry working for a mean old butcher. I couldn’t really understand the narration due to the screaming people but I’m guessing that one night she escapes the dreary colorless world by falling asleep and entering a dreamland.

(C) Haw Santiago

The whole show revolved around the idea that she entered a candy dreamland called Candyfornia. Quite fitting as the stage looked like one big candy mountain. Apparently, she is in search of her cat, Kitty Purry and the love of her life, Baker’s Boy (who I actually thought was Butcher’s boy until halfway through the concert). She started with Teenage Dream followed by Hummingbird Heartbeat and after that, she introduced us to her friend Slot. “Not slut!” she told the audience, “although she is one!” This she used to transition to sing Waking Up in Vegas.

(C) Haw Santiago

Another video was played as she went backstage for a costume change. Here she meets two mimes who then join her on stage to perform Ur So Gay. After giving her a taste of their magical brownie, she quickly changes her costume by taking off her skirt and turning it into a peacock tail, obviously performing Peacock.

A moment was given for her male fans as she asked one of legal age to come up on stage.  She really did ask them how old they were, not wanting to go to jail should she happen to ask a minor to come up. Not surprising that she picked model Ivan Dorschner as she flirted and kissed him after having him take his shirt off.

The story continued with a battle with the evil butcher where she performs Circle the Drain, ET and Who Am I Living For. Finally, the battle ends and she sings Pearl, Not Like the Movies and a touching acoustic version of The One that Got Away.

After being treated to a medley of I Want Candy, Milkshake and Tootsie Roll to introduce her dancers the story of her adventure in Candyfornia continued. After finding Kitty Purry, she also comes across an invitation to the Baker’s Ball. Not knowing what to wear she goes into seven costume changes while performing Hot n’ Cold and then Last Friday Night. For the finale she performed Firework.

 I’m not even kidding about the seven costume changes.

But of course there’s always an encore and as she prepared for her last song a video is shown of her waking up to everything being a dream. Suddenly, the Baker’s Boy enters bringing her breakfast. She came back on stage to perform California Gurls complete with beach balls and a whipped cream bazooka. And with that her concert ended.

Everything about the concert was fabulous! I loved that there was a story, the stage design was perfect, the lights were just right and her voice was amazing live. She seemed like such a sweetheart to her fans too. My personal favorite performance was Not Like the Movies. It was my first time to hear the song and since it had a quiet feel to it, it was also the first time I really got to listen to the quality of her voice. My friend particularly enjoyed The One that Got Away, he had been waiting to hear it since the concert started and having her sing an acoustic version of it made it even more special. My other favorite was ET and I also couldn’t resist jumping to Last Friday Night.

Everything not involved with the concert was stressful though. I don’t know if it’s because it’s a Smart sponsored event but all Globe and Sun signals were down and it was very difficult to coordinate with friends! It was a good thing I arrived together with Edd because aside from him I could barely meet up with anyone! I must have had more than twenty attempts at calling Abby. Quite sorry, my dear! Not only that but there was trash EVERYWHERE. People should have been made aware of where to throw trash. I didn’t even know where the bins were. I wasn’t comforted by the fact that I had to be standing either. I know I only won the tickets and I shouldn’t be complaining but what about those that actually DID pay? You could barely even see Katy Perry because of the sea of people. BUT I did however enjoy the freedom of bouncing around when it was a song I liked. Oh well, pros and cons I guess.

After the concert, we were swept by the crowd rushing to see Katy in her car. As we were walking by a less populated area, her car passed by and she popped out from the sunroof yelling “I love you Manila!” at us. She was beautiful even with her hair whipping at her face and a loose fitting blouse. I admit to a fangirl moment in which I waved crazily back at her. All of a sudden we saw people running after her car. Wild!

(C) Haw Santiago

It was a crazy night filled with ups and downs for 25,000 people. I’m not entirely sure I’d want to go through that whole experience again but if ever I do, I’ll make sure to be more prepared! Concerts are fun but VERY tiring!

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