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Bench Philippines 1M for 1M

Bench is giving away 1 million pesos to one charitable institution once they reach 1 million followers on Twitter. Although it’s quite the marketing ploy, giving away a million bucks for a good cause, in exchange for following them for free doesn’t seem like asking for much so what the hey!

I actually got this information from one of my friends when he retweeted Karylle’s post about it and I’m sorry I didn’t vote for her, but this Rocco guy’s cause (I obviously don’t know him, LOL) is one that I fully understand and support. His institution is the Cancer Warriors Foundation and if you could please click this link to vote for his cause, that would be awesome.

There’s this idea that CANCER is a “sickness of rich people”. In truth, it is NOT and it can affect ANYONE. The sad part is that a lot of people die because they don’t have enough money to pay for their treatments. This is very much evident in the Philippines. Vote this guy over here and help the Cancer Warriors Foundation get that 1 million! No one deserves to die of this sickness. Definitely not the kids.

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