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Art 2 Art, The A-Team, and everything in between!

Sunday is art day, methinks!

Art 2 Art by Lisa Macuja

I’ve been wanting to blog about this for quite a while now. A few Sundays ago, while in the car, my dad tuned in to DZRH 666 (ooh) on AM. I wasn’t really paying attention to what we were listening to, just that I knew it was a talk show on AM radio. But then I heard keywords like “art” and “classical music” and I suddenly perked up. The lady host at that time was interviewing a man who played the piano and made soundtracks for something. She then asked if the man ever taught his son how to play the piano and the man replied saying that his son wanted to learn the piano, as long as it wasn’t under his tutelage. The woman then shared that that was also the case with her daughter wanting to learn ballet as long as it was not under her. This made me think, “WAIT, WHAT? WHO IS THIS LADY?”

It was Lisa Macuja.

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We support The A Team!

The A Team

The dance community better watch out for this new group. Barely even a year together and already this team is making a name for themselves. Headed by the Arda siblings, MJ and Lyka, the A Team is composed of some of the best dancers I’ve seen in this generation.

As I’m writing this, they’re probably getting ready for their flight to Singapore where they’ll be competing in Vol.3 of Singapore Dance Delight. Last night, they gave friends, family, and supporters a sneak peak of their routine. It was fresh, strong, and entertaining. I’m really hoping they move on to the finals!

Show your support as well and buy an A Team tank top made by That’s Phresh! I know I’m getting one.

That's Phresh

You could choose to fill up the order form here or leave a comment and I’ll forward it to an A Team member. Make sure to give your name and contact details along with your order. (Ex. 1 M white on black, 2 S black on gray)

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